CH Precision I-1


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Apr 15, 2013
Apparently the new integrated CH Precision I-1 has started shipping. Anybody with first hand experience with the unit? How does it compares to the CH L1& CH A1 separates. Thanks
Sep 6, 2013
Dallas area
I am a CH Precision system owner (D1/C1/L1/P1/M1/X1s) and I heard the I1 back in May at AXPONA. The rest of the system consisted of a D1 as a transport, a Kronos TT, and Magico S1 MKII. Overall, the system sounded like a CH Precision system; excellent details, depth, tonal balance. The phono stage in the I1 actually digitizes the signal and plays through the on-board DAC. Performance was excellent. Could have fooled me. Did it achieve the same level of performance as an L1/A1? No. I had an A1 in my system prior to buying the M1. The L1/A1 combination has more of everything especially depth and 3D soundstage. Then again, I heard the I1 under show conditions on a speaker system with which I am not familiar. It's remarkable that the CH Team can pack so much into the I1 package. There are several professional reviews of the I1 from AXPONA on Stereophile and TAS sites.

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