CES 2016: Mofi, Balanced Audio, Quad, Solid Steel, TAD, Wharfedale


Apr 3, 2010
Seattle, WA
Didn't know Mobile Fidelity was in hardware distribution business. Shows you how much I get out!!!

The system that was playing was the TAD from CD source. Sounded pleasant.

One issue though: they had the speakers way too wide apart so sounded pretty disjointed:

The Quad was static display:

Just what Mofi fans want for Christmas:



Industry Expert
Nov 16, 2014
shame about the poor speaker set up, its a nice room no excusse for that. a little more toe in might of helped if they had to be so far apart. the TAD cdp is very nice. i had the ce-1 in my house for a bit, not the most exciting for me.

the TAD E-1 would of rocked that room.

seems to be a common trend bad set ups and wrong kit for the rooms lol. i guess they are fishing for big wallets and egos not imformed listeners.

doing a great job amir, thank you:)

The CE-1 is their newest product so they are pushing it. I really don't get it, the E1 isn't much more $ than the CE1...

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