Cerious Tech Lumniscate Cables


Mar 15, 2023
Phoenix, AZ
So two weeks ago I purchased and installed Cerious Tech Lumniscate XLR interconnects. I connected my Tambaqui DAC to my Krell preamp and my preamp to my Krell amplifier.

This Arizona company flies under the radar but I’d read a few glowing reviews and took the plunge based on the science I was able to wrap my head around. It fascinated me.

I HAD been using Nordost Heimdall 2 cables which I thought were “excellent” and certainly good enough to support my Class A Krell amp, preamp and Mola Mola Tambaqui. Man, was I ever wrong. These Lumniscate cables, now fully broken in, have exceeded my wildest expectations. Some passages that were rather “hollow” are now full bodied and alive with energy. Imaging and sound staging are INFINITELY improved. My system essentially sounds like a new system. The Confidence C2’s have “disappeared ,” and the sound stage is 3D like - virtually holographic. I have now ordered his speaker cables to match and literally can’t wait! Now I understand why Nordost Odin 2 customers have traded in their 20k cables in favor of Cerious Lumniscate cables at 1/5th the price. I cannot recommend these cables highly enough. Bob Grost, a former professor of physics, gets it. He’s a humble genius.


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