Center Stage2 "LS" Series Loudspeaker Feet


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Sep 12, 2021
So to be specific, the critical issue is acrylic. And I mean pure acrylic, not a mix of constituents part of which is a minor percentage of acrylic polymer.

The only components I know of that meet this standard are the Audio Research Ref6 pre and phono and ASR.

If you own those, I'm sorry but our feet are not a match.

I hope this helps.
The (bottom) borders area of AR Ref6 SE is metal which is wide enough even for CS2M 1.5. Would it be working if I put feet under these metal chasis?
P.S. I've ordered LS 1.5 from local dealer here in Bangkok and looking forward to try it on my SF Il Cremonese Ex3me.

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