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Jul 22, 2015
I have always followed Joe's recommendation that all other tweaks be removed from the system so you can truly understand what Center Stage does. I am sure there must be people who are using both. My Extreme sits on a set of CS2M 1.5's which sits on Joes CMS platform . I am more than happy with the sonic results
If a platform like the Daiza is considered a tweak it would seem you're implying that every other substance or rack other than a CMS platform is considered a tweak to be avoided with CMS footers? Tweak is a pretty meaningless word in this context. My question, which I've put to Joe on another thread, relates to whether a Daiza -- panzerholtz wood with metal footers and a compliant foam between the wood and metal footers -- would likely be a complimentary combination with the CMS footer, or not.
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