CEDIA EXPO 2017 - September 7-9th - San Diego Convention Center

Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
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Aug 26, 2013
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I attended the past two years but didn't make it out this year. Sony always seems to have some great products to take in. Last year my biggest takeaway was Amphion speakers. I still want to add them to my stable but the timing hasn't been right. Very nice speakers.

The new Emotiva RMC-1 surround sound processor, with 9.1.6 (16) channels all Dirac DSP calibrated.
Available later this year...for only five grands. There is a rumor saying that we might see 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos by the end of 2017. If not maybe in 2018. I have no clue as I did not read that anywhere, yet.

You can google around for more info, but this new toy was presented @ CEDIA 2017.
And, some high end audio companies might not be happy. Why? Because of its sticker price of only $5,000
If everything goes according to plans, we won't have to pay the price of a nice brand new car to get a hi-end class pre/pro...all DIRAC 16 channels calibrated, including the subwoofer, of course.
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I know, it has only twelve channels. But, you don't need amps because it comes with eleven internal amps included onboard. The #12 channel is the sub, which has its own internal amp.

Back in the days receivers had two internal power amps. We come a long way.

Between Audyssey (Marantz) and Dirac Live (Emotiva) is the whipped cream flavor of your choice. The pros select Dirac, without a doubt.
For easy setups the home theater surround sound audio people select YPAO (Yamaha), or Audyssey (Denon/Marantz).

Did you see the number of speaker binding posts behind that thing! ...22 of them. ...And all the RCA jacks! ...59 of them. That's why HDMI is simplifying everything by using only one single cable to carry everything multichannel audio and video together. By comparison the Emotiva RMC-1 pre/pro looks nude, completely naked.

It is not the amount of external jacks, it is the amount of internal processing DSP/GUI power for both audio and video crunching digital numbers. ...Only one simple cable...HDMI, that is all. And it should not have any HDMI handshake issue with other HDMI components because they are working all together now, in tandem, in total harmony, just like when we were kids and spinning The Beatles albums on our turntables...in the 60s.
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