Buying the Discontinued ARC VSi 75 Integrated Bad Idea?


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Apr 6, 2022
Hi All,

I currently am running an ARC I50 integrated and am looking for a bit more power and am considering the ARC VSi 75 integrated which has been discontinued. I would be able to get a great deal on a new unit given its status.

I have a few concerns:

It is basically a 10 year old design and my I50 is a new design. Would I be giving up new tech for old?

now that it has been discontinued would the resale value tank?

Would it be a significant upgrade in sound quality? I have no complaints about the sound of the I50.

I’m not sure you would even notice the extra power, a couple of db at best and having used ARC for a long time, they tend to improve as each range is marketed (generally, not always) so this may be a backward step for you, even if you are being offered what seems to be great value.
Best of luck with your final choice
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I was very interested in purchasing the i50 amplifier until I found out, balanced inputs beyond 2v are not compatible with the i50. Most every DAC that has a fully balanced design, sounds best from its balanced output and nearly all have normal out voltages over 3volts. The i50 is not even compatible with Audio Research’s own DAC9 if balanced connections are employed. It was likely a design oversight to incorporate balanced inputs on the i50.
I used the amp with an RME ADI-2 DAC with no issues whatsoever...
I did look up the RME ADI-2 specs. I found decibel levels, but not voltage output information. I noticed a 6db increase from its balanced outputs, over the single ended but no clear voltage number.

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