Brand of Tubes for Classic Sixty and SE - For Owners or cognoscenti of Classic Sixty

May 10, 2013
Does anyone know the brand of tubes CJ is using in its Classic 60 and SE? I believe the SEs are TungSol, but what are the 6922s and EL34s for the Sixty?

I'm evaluating a Classic 60, but I see o brand name on the EL 34s in this amp (consignment piece). The amp sounds a little soft, and perhaps 'yang-y', although voices and bass instruments are exceptionally clear (down to the battiness of the tuba). I'm unclear if I have CJs factory-installed tubes, or someone else's. I have called CJ, of course, for an immediate answer, but it went to voice mail. I'd like to hear these as CJ equipped the amp. I have another EL34 based amp, from Antique Sound Labs,into which I put Mullard EL34s, but I'm holding off on changing the tubes just yet. I thought I'd find out if anyone knows what brand CJ uses for this amp first.
Feb 3, 2012
G'day mate, nice to see more interest in CJ gear, especially the Classic 60/SE, truly a special amp!

Although I had the Classic 60SE, if memory serves correct, recalling the demo amp at the dealer's- I think on the Classic 60 they were Mullard's on the EL34's. In fact all tubes were Mullard including the input and phase inverter tubes.

Not too sure what brand CJ eventually places in each amplifier before it goes for testing/packing...
I remember though back in old days, when I imported several amplifiers into home town, they mentioned that sometimes they would place in different brands according to the batches that were being tested at the time. For example, sometimes they would mostly use GE or EH for their 6550's. After around 2000 they started using 6550C from SED. I noticed this on my previous MV50, MV55 and later on the premier 11A- on two versions; one using Mullard's for the EL34's and the other using SED's for the 6550C's.

Fast fwd nearly 20 years from then, now they seem to be using mostly Tungsol on the KT120's, and 6550's, plus Mullard on the EL34's. However, as stated before they may change from time to time depending on test results and availability. One thing for sure is the brand of tube is clearly visible, unless it was quite old. Nonetheless, it should be visible somewhat. If your tubes are not clearly marked, perhaps they have been changed over time...

Cheers, RJ

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