Best retail dealers in computer audio

Nicholas Bedworth

WBF Founding Member
May 7, 2010
Maui, where else?
Who (around the world) does the best job on music servers and computer audio for the high-end? Of course there's Goodwin's in the Boston area. Who else comes to mind? What are your experiences, good, bad and in-between?


Active Member
May 31, 2010
My sense is this is still a very evolving area. There is very little agreement to what sounds best, as there are many permutations that have not sorted them out.

I would check out the dealers with the most audiophile street cred thrughout the country and in the major cities (NY, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, etc.), and give them a call. Some may not share their secret potions but some may give you good ideas. If the store has a geek on their staff, you may be in luck.


WBF Founding Member & Super Moderator
Apr 20, 2010
Albuquerque, NM

Ron Party

WBF Founding Member
Apr 30, 2010
Oakland, CA
I visited Olive in S.F. A few years ago. Small operation. Maybe that's to be expected, at least back then. I found their gear quite expensive relative to other solutions.

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