Best acousticians today who ROCK on measurements AND have Golden Ears, like Analog, & Tubes?


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May 31, 2010
My buddy is thinking of redoing his room. Who are the BEST acousticians today that obviously know how to measure but enjoy also Analog? He doesn't want the life of the music EQ'd to a clean, sterile death. Are there acousticians who are audiophiles?


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Apr 21, 2010
Manila, Philippines
John Storyk of WSDG. My teacher in 2000. Considering I probably took away a single percent of what he knows, I've gotten good results due to what I believe is his well rounded philosophy based not only on acoustic science but also a thorough appreciation of the impact of architecture on peoples lives. Long ago, Steve and I asked him to be on our expert's panel. Unfortunately with his firms global expansion into central and South America and into South East Asia, he kindly begged off. If there is one person who can build a space with excellent acoustics without having to make the space look like a pro facility, I think he has no equal. His work in Brazil in past Casa Cor exhibitions is fantastic. His work and that of Casas served as my main inspirations.

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