Bending Wave/CH Precision/Gobel High End/TechDAS - Club Room 15th Floor

Elliot G.

Industry Expert
We will be premiering in the U.S. The Gobel High End Divin Noblesse Speakers with CH Precision Electronics - AmpM1.1, Preamp L1 Phono sectionP1, DAC C1 Lacorde Statement Cables and the TechDAS Airforce One Premium Turntable System.
The Staff includes :
Oliver Gobel-
Rafael Pasche
Ralph Sorrentino
Motofumi Hirata
David Solomon from Qobuz will be there with Coffee and Qobuz Saturday and Sunday mornings at 1030-1130 complete with Coffee and ...
Motofumi Hirata will be presenting the Turntable Friday -Sunday at 130-230 each afternoon.
Please join us for Coffee or a Beer in the Club Room on 15
Enjoy the Show,
Elliot Goldman
Bending Wave USA- your hosts

Elliot G.

Industry Expert
Thanks to everyone that stopped by and had a coffee or a beer and listened to some great tunes. It was a lot of work and fun. See you all in RMAF in Sept and back at Axpona in 2020

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