Basement listening room. Best type of ceiling ?

Jul 25, 2012
Keep in mind that materials that keep sound INSIDE the room do not necessariiy affect the frequency response characteristics when listening to music.
Mar 27, 2016
^^^Thanks for the good advice. There has been a change of plans....system going in the first floor great room. No renovation needed. :D
Good Move!
Oct 30, 2017
agreed. i’m struggling with the same issue. low frequency issues are making my life difficult. i’m trying to make a 7.5 ceiling work. ultimately, going to have to move my new listening room.
Nyal At Acoustic Frontiers designed my basement room. In ceiling he did 12 inches of Roxul insulation, a layer of mass loaded vinyl then two layers of quietrock with green glue floating on these KNC hangers. Noise floor is very low (no external noise from outside room) and bass is tight. You might want to give him a call.

View attachment KNC Wave Hanger Layout.pdf

Roxul behind floating clips.jpg
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Dec 20, 2014
In this order:
1. Rockwool between the joists
2. resilient bars to the joists
3. sound panel plasterboards
4. . glue acoustic membrane
5. Soundshield plasterboard 12.5mm
6. Plaster

7. Acoustic treatment as you see fit

That's what I am getting done at present in my loft - my suppliers tell me that this is what would be used in basements too.
Jan 7, 2018
my basement listening room is about 18x 26x 7'6" tall after furring the ceiling with 2"x2" to bury the conduit 5/8 sheetrock then 12"x12" acoustical tiles stapled to the ceiling. While the room isn't sound proof I can crank it up pretty good b4 family notices and the ceiling tiles really helped soften a previously harsh sounding room because of the low ceiling.

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