B&W Speakers. Room size and recommended components for DM603 S2 Anniversary Ed., 702 S2 and eventually 803 D3.


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Feb 15, 2021
Hello, everyone. First time poster and its good to be here. Many years ago I went to a local store to inquire about speakers. I worked at Best Buy at the time and I have always loved audio systems but when I went to this high end store, it blew me away. Eventually I saved up enough money to get some 602 S3 speakers and a Yamaha 7.1 receiver. I loved it! It was a fantastic small setup. I would let my family use them in their backyard and whenever they hosted parties, we would connect them to the receiver and it sounded great! Enjoyed them for years but I ended up selling them to pay for my return to college.

Now that I graduated a couple of years ago and I will be getting a good job this summer, I wanted to purchase some great speakers again. I am aware there are amazing brands of different speakers out there but I am dead set on getting B&W speakers. Been my dream speakers ever since I listened to them and its just my preferred choice.

My current home isn't big. My living area is only 13 x 15. My bedroom is 10 x 12. I have been looking at getting some DM 603 S2 Anniversary Editions. I heard these speakers and I really like them a lot. I believe these will be the ones I will get later this year but the components to go with it are hard for me to decide. I'm used to receivers. Not familiar with separates that much. Would a well built A/V receiver work well with the 603s and are the rooms too small for these? What receivers would you all recommend? I was looking at some 702 and 704s and the price jump is significant but what worried me more was when I watched some reviews and apparently these bad boys need lots of power and premium amplifiers. I don't think a receiver would work well with these at all but then again, that's why I'm inquiring.

Eventually, I want to get some 803 S3s. Its a lot of $$ but I'm more afraid of needing to spend loads more $$ on separates. More money on them than the speakers themselves. What units do yall recommend for DM 803 S3s and can an integrated receiver work well for them? McIntosh receivers and amps are the ones I saw attached to the 802s when I listened to them. I wont even bother to ask about A/V receivers for these (would be nice but I don't believe a receiver would be able to work well with them). When I get my 803s in a few years (probably keep my 603s and put them in a different room) what room size is recommended and can they work properly in a room that is 13 x 13 or does it need to be bigger?
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Apr 20, 2019
im afraid recievers (japs ones) never to a stereo system justice. just too under powered.

get a nice integrated amp. if i was you i would audition more speakers. especially other brands. as this may change your mind about B&W.

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