Avr Forum x Jriver+Audiolense+Motu+Power amp


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Dec 9, 2014
Avr Receiver x Jriver+Audiolense+Motu+Power amp

Hello Guys,

I already have a Pioneer Elite Vsx 53 receiver.
My only source is an Htpc+Jriver.
I was thinking about to try a radical move. Replace the receiver for a Jriver+Motu 24ao interface and Emotiva Upa 700 power amp. (The interfaçe would be also steinberg ur824 interface).
I would use audiolense the make the room correction file to use in jriver covolution plug-in.
I would like to know if this radical move would be a great improovment or a sideways move.
Also i would like to know how to handle the video output. I am thinking to sent the hdmi video directly to the projeçtor, and audio via usb to the interface. Will be there any syncing issues??


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Apr 3, 2010
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The addition of room EQ will certainly be a positive. What I would be concerned about volume control. PCs can hang and can do so while playing loud static and such. You want an immediate way to turn the volume down or mute with a remote. A dusty power supply and CPU heatsink did the very thing on my media center PC. It kept crashing every few minutes often getting stuck playing something random in a loop.

And yes, I would worry about split audio causing sync issues for video. You won't know it until you try it though.