Avalon IDEA launch at RMAF 2011


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Aug 31, 2010
Mexico City

I got an informal invitation from the friendly staff of Blu Note Audio (Avalon dealer in Boulder, Co.) to listen to the new IDEA speaker from Avalon at their RMAF room.

I am quite familiar with the Avalon line and evolution, met personaly with Neil Pattel some years back, and by owning and listened in familiar environments many of their models during the past years.

In order to make a long story short, I was won by the sound of the IDEA, first because of its capabilities to re- genarate the musical event and leave it almost intact - the ambience and atmosphere was relaxing and engaging, as well as for throwing a landscape far larger than its modest size, both in dimension and frequency extension.

We all know how Hotel rooms play against a decent setup plan, this room created music above an hiper-detailed, pyrotechnic show that in my case are tired of, I returned twice to validate some hipothesis with success.
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