Audiophiles of North Texas (ANT)

Aug 26, 2013
Arlington, TX
I have not made this announcement here, but I want to share with anyone who might be interested. I have founded an audiophile community in the Dallas area and would like to invite anyone to join us. I expect this to not be about the gear but about creating lasting friendships with those we share this hobby with. Most of my closest friends are those I've met on other forums and I would like that to be the case for others as well. System showcases should range from the budget-friendly to the true high end. Again, this is more about the community than the gear itself.

Without further ado, I am announcing our inaugural meet:

The inaugural meet of the Audiophiles of North Texas is on the books! Paul of North Richland Hills, TX will be hosting the event from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Saturday, June 24, 2017.

Paul has two systems - a two channel room upstairs and a home theater rig downstairs. AudioThesis is also planning on bringing a secondary 2 channel system to set up for more variety.

If you wish to attend, please email me at so I can organize a mailing list for those who wish to attend (including event address).

Please provide your name, any gear you might wish to bring, and any additional information you wish to share.

I hope to see you all two weeks!

***Please feel free to comment about the meet here. The email is strictly to provide a single point for me to organize the event.



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Texas needs to be just a liiiiittle bit closer to NC brother! If only I lived down there.... *sigh*


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