Aug 28, 2018
Seattle, WA
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After experiencing many of the challenges and problems despite the various products and components that have gone through our systems, it always seemed to lead back to the same common denominator, the homes electrical infrastructure itself. In the end, it really doesn’t matter the home you live in, more than most seem to have electrical challenges and it's those challenges that need to be addressed to get the most from the gear you select.

Understanding this, we met with several designers and manufacturers in the industry and garnered their support, enough support where it made sense to create We are based out of Seattle WA and not a traditional dealer or even a service provider but rather both!

Our focus begins with recognizing the importance of the homes electrical infrastructure, and ensuring this platform is robust through service and support to construct what we call "The Power Foundation". Our goal is to solidify the foundation, then offer choices in high end components, cables and speakers we represent so you can spend time dropping the needle, or simply hit play on a server or transport hearing more through great sounding speakers.

We hope to earn the opportunity to help support the members of WhatsBest through our services and products, until then Long Live Audio!

Edward & Rex

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