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Jul 23, 2019
I have just taken delivery of the new 2022 Audio Music DAC.
This is a 2 box DAC. The larger of the 2 boxes comprises a beefy Power Supply in monobloc format. 2 silver umbilical cables connect to the Processor. Prominent is the orange display which occupies full width the top of the unit (but not all the way up). The units are made from silver alloy and are very aesthetically pleasing to my eye. There is a remote made from a billet of alloy. The technical specifications are available on line so I don’t propose to copy them. I merely wanted to give my first impressions. Although the AM has multiple connections (single ended/balanced) in and out, it is redbook only, albeit with DSD up sampling. In the past I have used DACs from DCS (including Vivaldi), Denafripps Terminator, Reimyo and others. My reference system is vinyl. So I always compare digital to my analogue source (which is of reference quality). For the first time along has come a DAC to rival my vinyl music. On the front end I use a CEC OX cd transport (dual belt driven with a separate power supply). I also plugged in a Jays Audio CDT MK 3 (cd transport). Cables used were AM Silver coax and DAC to pre-amp; and for line out stereo pair to mono power amps.
The Jays Audio utilised a Nordost Odin AES/EBU digital cable to the DAC.
THE AM DAC sets a new reference standard for digital replay which for the first time actually comes close to the analogue sound from vinyl in my system.
I cannot enthuse about it enough. I have been listening to it at every opportunity carrying out A/B comparisons. Surprisingly the Jays Audio transport offers great musicality and excellent build quality at a ridiculously cheap price. (See January 22 review in HiFi +). Any serious audiophile looking for one of the best DACs available (cost £10,500 in the UK) should check out the AM. I personally have never heard a better DAC at this time. I am loving every moment listening to my cds. What a turnaround.

Mike Lavigne

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Apr 25, 2010
hi Andrew, congrats on your new toy! sounds interesting.

only.........just tried to view this product on-line, and with a name like 'audio' 'music' and 'dac' engines are useless. the name is apparently too generic.

you might post a picture or link if you want people to pay attention. no way to investigate.


Jul 12, 2020
I think this is it:

The trick is to use double quotes when searching, as in “audio music dac”
All three words have to match in sequence when you do that
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Nov 9, 2021
Mike's point is still valid. Audio Music is a terrible name for a company wishing to be found on the internet

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