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Dec 29, 2018
Dear All,

I would like to identify if there would be an interest in free of charge product evaluation within WBF members?
As a hobby I manufacture one model of a power cable - Power Reference One (please have a look on the pictures attached). Till now I focused only on local market but I believe it's the right time to move ahead.
I would like to prepare two product samples and ship them for an evaluation to two (or more) WBF members, hopefully for a comparison with any other high end power cable.
So basically I would be happy to prepare two cables, ship them to long-term WBF members with a request to post a review and comparison after let's say 30days trial period.

Would there be anyone interested?

If this post is placed in wrong forum section I will be grateful if moderator or admin could move it into appropriate section.

with best regards


Dec 29, 2018
Thank you audio.bill.
The suggested retail price 2390USD for US market, however as we speak now about factory direct sales (no Distributor in the US yet) I am able to offer 35% discount from the price above valid in 2019.

Let the price does not fool anyone and please do not judge product by it's price tag. I strongly suggest to give it a tough and expensive competition and compare the pricing after the listening comparison.

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