Aries Cerat Symphonia Review

I think that is a venue? I have also heard amazing performances in Almeria, and Roquetas de Mar, and Granada.
Yes, that is one of the most venerated places in Madrid for Flamenco. Whether Blanca del Ray is as authoritative a flamenco dancer as they make out, we had no idea...but the remarkable number of US presidents, royalty, celebrities, dignitaries who have visited the place and specifically her filled an entire wall going back decades. Pretty impressive, and I remember the local people we do business with speaking highly of the place.
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If you want to be transported to a Tablao Flamenco, I highly recommend this album:

Youtube doesn´t do the XRCD justice, but close your eyes and it´s like you´re there.
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A closer view of one of the Symphonia LE’s purposeful looking external crossovers,

“ The external crossover, consists of three constant group delay filters. A constant group delay filter, is our own proprietary design, which alters the attenuation slopes of the driver filters, to shape the phase(and doing so the GD)in such a way ,as to provide maximum GD linearity.
Using this specific filter technology to the physically time aligned horns, the Symphonia speaker present time domain performance which is near perfect, and a frequency response with a maximum deviation of +-0.5db (250Hz-20KHz). “

Aries Cerat.

A Quite Superb full Aries Cerat system in North London … Topwing Red Sparrow being the weapon of choice.
The Dropbox file sounds the best.

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