Archimago Gets Acourate!


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Aug 25, 2015
I've really been thinking about adding Acourate to my active system. Everything I have read makes it sound like it's really the way to go for correction/timing/phase. Maybe I'll look more heavily into this when I'm done physically treating my room.

Thanks for the article!
Nov 3, 2014
It is a terrific case study, review and user guide, typical of Archimago's fine blog. I know you have gotten great results using Acourate, dj. And, there is no question that it provides many more user options and controls for fine tuning the sound than most anything else out there for those so inclined. But, I must say once again, it sure is complicated in terms of the number of steps and the learning required for even a simple calibration. Maybe the final results warrant that. And, I am sure that it gets much simpler to use with increased familiarity. But, I'll stick with Dirac Live, thanks, which is way simpler in doing the calibration, yet still quite sophisticated internally.

I would be up to the challenge of mastering Acourate and willing, if I were less than satisfied with the sonic results provided by Dirac. But, I am quite satisfied on my 7.1 channel system.