ARC D 52B arrived


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Apr 17, 2016
Today i bought and listening now ARC D 52 B,made in 1978 and the B version one year later.
The price was in 1980 USD 1.395.
Is perfect outside and restored some months ago,all perfect except 2 small capacitors changed .
50 watt each channel and 19 kg weight.
Even if the earlier ARC were better the tube models like D75 and D 79,this seems also very good

Connected now to Quad corner ribbon and CH L1 and X1 sound is amazing,dynamic,good bass,organic,dense,musical.In comparison with First Watt M2,little less transparent in mid high but more musical

Paid 600 euro



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Mar 27, 2016
Nicely built, the only consideration now is I believe these units have the "analog module" front end driver stage which is potted and non- serviceable. Otherwise hard to find something as well build for the current price today.


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