Andrew Jones in over 5 hours of conversation reveals the CR-1 is his favorite speaker creation.


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Feb 19, 2013
I found a youtube channel with an extensive series of interviews with Andrew Jones about various phases of his career and companies he's designed for. He talks about his early life, childhood interests with his twin brother, and reveals many things he hasn't spoken of previously.

I've heard many interviews with him previously, and found this so fascinating I've listened to sections more than once. Some huge takeaways are that he was responsible for the TAD home division, and that the CR1 is his favorite of all the speakers he's designed. I would have loved if Greg Weaver asked him why, but perhaps it's because he was able to pack so much of the R1's qualities into a design more people had the space and money for.

He tells a classic story about the time he had to go into a Bestbuy to purchase one of his own Pioneer speakers and another about time in anechoic chambers.

Here's the link to part one, and clicking on the youtube channel will bring up the other parts. Hard to belive but I easily could have listened to another 5hours of Andrew speaking about the history and his personal vision of speaker design, even though I have no training in physics or electronics.

Many years ago I had the opportunity to work with Andrew for a few days on an audio show and set up a system with him and even get his advice of where to place my system in an empty loft space before I moved in.

He's a true gentleman and genius able to work at the highest end of the industry as well as design speakers sold for less than the cost of the shipping boxes for his reference products. (Can you imagine Alon Wolf trying to design a $300 speaker? His latest external crossover costs $48,000).

I understand why people refer to Andrew as the Rockstar of speaker designers and I'm pretty happy to own his CR-1's and Elac Adante center speaker.
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