An Audio destination map?


May 3, 2017
As we get back to traveling, a thought came, is there such thing as an audio destination map? Something that has all the dealers, manufacturers, and power users (Who are willing to audition) pinned? It would be nice to pull up a google map and look through the nearby destinations for a given area. This can be a members only area on the forum where users can add pins with descriptions.

I live in Houston but my family lives in NJ, so I have been keeping a list in my head up until this point. Trying to get on Ked's level with a bunch of auditions :D.
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Mar 8, 2015
Many many dealers in the NJ/NYC city to put on your map.

To name a few

Bill Parish at GTT Audio in NJ
The ubiquitous Bob V at Rhapsody NYC,
Gideon Schwartz at Audio Arts NYC (where one must hear the phenomenally special Zellatons)
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