Aesthetix I/O Phono Cable


Feb 18, 2022
What type of phono cable do you use with your I/O, balanced or SE?
When I decided to upgrade my phono cable for my I/O I asked my audio dealer about getting a Balanced cable, since the I/O has Balanced inputs. My audio dealer informed me that the designer of the I/O (Jim White) doesn’t recommend using a balanced cable for the input. He supposedly recommends a SE cable. My audio dealer tried to explained to me the technical reasons Mr White prefers SE cable over balanced. I didn’t understand te explanation at that time. I took my dealers advice a purchased a SE cable for the phono input. I use a balanced cable for the output.
I don’t think my dealer would mis-inform me about proper cable choice.
‘To those that use a balanced cable, any problems? Has anyone tried both types of cables?
Did I make the wrong decision going with a SE cable?
It sounds very good to my ears.
Your input will be greatly appreciated
Joe Nies


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Jul 22, 2010
SF Bay
You are fine using the SE cable input on your Io. The first stage of the Io is SE. I use the single ended RCA input as well.
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