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Dec 14, 2020
After so long (1994), I got hold of the latest version of Pohlmann & Everest. My book is dog
eared and marked up everywhere — all
classic books usually are. If you have not seen/read it, you absolutely must.

What is your favorite book??


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Jul 31, 2015
Washington, DC
FYI - "Quantum" acoustics - a new approach beyond absorption and diffusion:

"......As air is the medium on which sound travels, quantization removes the source of acoustical issues before they can exist by quantizing any air molecule before it contacts an interior surface. Air is forced to stop being a medium for the sound energy by forcing air molecules to behave as individual particles and not in groups as a wave. Hence, sound ceases to exist because it has no medium to travel on. Wherever applied, quantization is an acoustical cloak which removes the ability of the material surface beneath it to affect sound...."

And the organizations that have embraced this new technology:

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