Acourate Stereo Subwoofer Integration Method


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Apr 12, 2011
Dallas, Texas
Acourate Stereo Subwoofer XO Method

I posted this video on another thread, but I thought it deserves its own thread. I shot this screen capture using OBS during a TeamViewer session between myself and Dr. Uli Brueggemann of Acourate. I cut out the first hour or so of the video so there are some parts at the beginning of the video which may not be interesting to those interested in this topic. The part I cut dealt with Uli and I trying to time/phase align mono (summed) subs on the frontwall spaced one-quarter width (per Toole's recommendation for 2 subs in his book). I can post that video later. For various reasons, we decided to abandon that method and integrate the subs in stereo instead. At the beginning of the video, I needed to adjust latency, Uli demonstrated how the mic can be distance calibrated using Acourate and I had to move my subs due to a sidewall SBIR, since the subs were no longer being played together. So, you may want to skip past the first few minutes.

I think Uli's method for integrating subwoofers is the best method I've encountered and I've encountered quite a few now. As you can see from video, Uli time aligns the tweeter and and woofer using special crossover. He then uses a corner frequency sine wave to improve phase/time align. There more to it but I am trying to summarize here. Enjoy!

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