Acid Jazz - Then and NOW


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Apr 21, 2010
Manila, Philippines
I've checked WBF's music repertoire (Search feature); there was a Trip Hop music thread, a RAP music thread, and several other genres...
Trip Hop →

DaveyF had a thread before asking if we like RAP music, and a poll was inserted @ the top, with all the main music genres we prefer:
In that poll (only 40 voters) Jazz is number one followed by Classical @ number two spot, and Rock @ number three. Blues is @ number four.
In my opinion it reflects in general the WBF music audience's influence. One hundred voters would have been a better gauge.

There was no Acid Jazz thread's title per se; thx Jack! :cool:



* I do remember posting some, but if my memory serves me relatively well, they were in the what are you listening music threads, various genres, or general or Jazz or International.
Anyway it's nice now to have one dedicated to Acid Jazz music and its variations/derivations/influences/origins/directions.
It's a music genre that fits my mood on many occasions, like today for example with a 93% (roughly) covered clouds sky.
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