A1 vs A1.5 vs M1.1

@Elliot G. and others, Since you mentioned that the M1.1 was superior in every aspect to the A1.5, if I understood correctly.. What would you advise as a superior set up if you had to choose between one M1.1 in Stereo or two A1.5's that you can use as mono's in bridged mode?
Also would like to know if anyone has done any comparisons with Vitus Amps and the differences they have noted between the two?
First I am not a fan of bridged anything. Using two amps in mono is different and that is better. I still believe that an M1.1 is better than a pair of A1.5 in everyway. I don't have nor sell Vitus so I wont make any comments about competitors that is for you to decide. I have listened to a whole lot of power amplifiers and I first bought the CH for my speakers as I thought it was the best gear I had heard. I later on decided to become a dealer and I have turned a lot of people on to it. They have traded many different brands in on them however Vitus was not one since I don't know anyone that owns them. I hope that helps. What speakers are you playing with?
Now I am in the situation to choose between A1.5 and M1.1 (stereo). Sabrina X in a 20 sqm room. Any recommendations?
In your opinion would be CH Precision A1.5 (with L1) enough powerful to drive new Sasha V (88dB vs 91dB of old Sasha Daw)?
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3dB less compared to Daw ins't a bit
CH M1.1 impossible for me ($)

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