A shout out to Allnic.


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Mar 1, 2013
Hi all,

I live in Queensland.

Several years ago, I purchased a second hand Allnic L4000 from a US dealer. He sent it via South Korea where it was upgraded to the L3000 and changed to 240 volts.

I have really enjoyed the L3000 but at one stage the batteries leaked in the remote. I got in touch with Craig from Audio Heaven in Sydney and he approached Allnic in South Korea. Kang Su Park sent me a lovely letter thanking me for using their product for so long and a free replacement remote.

Recently I have been having some trouble with the volume control on the L3000 but also felt it was time to upgrade. I purchased the L10,000 through Craig and it is absolutely fantastic. I mentioned my issue with the volume control and Kang Su Park has again come to the rescue with a replacement volume control on the understanding that I return the old one. How fantastic is that???

We all complain when things go wrong but in the case of Allnic, I cannot recommend their products highly enough. This is both for sound quality and back up service.

Thank you Craig and thank you Kang Su.


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May 7, 2016
I use an Allnic Phonostage and Allnic speaker cables and I know Craig well. I fully endorse the Allnic products for their sonic and build quality. As for Craig, he has an exceptional personality with no dogmas and hard-sell mentalities.
Cheers from Melbourne.
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May 31, 2019
I bought a used Allnic Puritas from an end user. The suspension ended up having some issues. Allnic rebuilt it for me at no cost and even paid the $60 return shipping from Korea. I also had a 300B amp at one point and installed taller tubes. The tube cylinders no longer fit and Allnic sent me a taller set for free and again paid for the shipping. Fantastic service and support.
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Jul 23, 2021
Ive got an older Allnic L-3000 mkII preamp and and H-1202 phono stage. I like them a lot.

The downside is 1) My Denafrips DAC doesnt do it for me anymore, the 1202 elevated well beyond streaming to DAC and Ive started buying vinyl again and 2) they change my rig so much for the better, I bought new speakers. Devore Gibbon X’s incoming Tuesday next week.
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