A Call to Arms for Decent Men - the Fight against Bigotry in Online Gaming


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If you have not noticed, there's been quite a bit of attention to this lately regarding the harassment that women experience in online forums and gaming - especially on the XBox Live chat system: - See http://fatuglyorslutty.com/

http://gamersagainstbigotry.org/ was hacked.

And I'm sure you must have read something about Anita Sarkeesian : http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkai...the-conversation-even-if-it-feeds-the-trolls/

A friend, gamer, designer and currently teaching game design, Ernest Adams has written up a Call to Arms. Originally designated for http://www.gamasutra.com - they declined to publish it in it's current form due to the strong language. But I urge you to read it and to share it with other gamers and other parents. Especially if you have children that play games - both boys and girls.

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