A Brief Survey of Classical Music from Early Music to the 20th Century


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Sep 6, 2010
Seattle, WA
Please join us for a very informative and educational evening at the next PNWAS Audio Club Meeting.

All are welcome. Bring a friend or family member. We are honored to have Gary Dahl and Robert Trainer as our speakers. They will be speaking on the topic ”A Brief Survey of Classical Music” from Early Music, to 20th Century. The talk will be accompanied by Slides and recorded music via CD on our Club Music System. We may even get to hear music being played on the Baby Grand Piano at the club!

Pacific Northwest Audio Society - http://www.audiosociety.org
Jan 13th 2015 Tues 7:30 PM
Kirkland Woman’s Club
407 1st Street
Kirkland, WA 98033

Here is a brief bio of our two speakers:

Gary Dahl

Gary Dahl is Assistant Conductor, Personnel Manager and principal timpanist of the Bremerton Symphony. A resident of Silverdale, he teaches music at Green Mountain Elementary and is choir director at Summit Avenue Presbyterian.

Originally from Montana, Mr. Dahl earned his BA in Music Education at Pacific Lutheran University and his Master of Music in Conducting at Western Washington University. He began his teaching career in Omak, Washington, and in 1985 also became conductor of the Okanogan Valley Orchestra. Under Dahl’s leadership the orchestra grew significantly, both in numbers and in its level of musicianship. In addition to subscription concerts, he led more than a dozen productions of musical shows, including both Broadway standards and light operas. In 1998 he moved to the Kitsap peninsula to accept his current position in the Central Kitsap School District.

Mr. Dahl studied conducting with Gunther Schuller, Jerry Kracht, David Wallace, Robert Scandrett and Bruce Pullan. He studied timpani with Michael Crusoe (Seattle Symphony) and Salvatore Rabbio (Detroit Symphony).

Vocal music also holds a prominent role in Mr. Dahl’s work. He conducted Donizetti’s La Fille du Régiment for Kitsap Opera, Verdi’s Luisa Miller for Puget Sound Opera and Menotti’s Amahl and the Night Visitors at Summit Avenue Presbyterian, as well as several condensed operettas for Vienna Night galas and numerous major works for choir and orchestra. He also enjoys singing in choirs as time allows, most recently with Cora Voce (Tacoma).

In the past, Mr. Dahl has served as conductor for the Millennium Music Series Association, the Kitsap Youth Symphony and for Bremerton Community Theatre. Gary and his wife Tineke, BSA principal second violinist, have two children, Oliver and Solveig.

Robert Trainer

Robert, whose father was an organist, organ builder, and an electronics engineer at Lockheed, was exposed to music and DIY audio at an early age. By his senior in high school he was a French horn player, a singer, had developed a keen interest in early music, and found himself constructing Dynaco kits and experimenting with building speaker systems.

Robert spent the next six years in pursuit of a degree, first in French horn at De Anza College, and then in vocal performance at California State University Hayward. His pursuit was occasionally interrupted by stints as an audio salesman and rhythm guitar player in a cover band. Shortly thereafter Robert began his career as a music educator and completed Choral Conducting degrees with an emphasis in early music, receiving a Masters from Pacific Lutheran University, and a Doctorate from the University of Arizona, Tucson. Robert came to the northwest in 1987 to become a choral director at Bremerton High School.

After 9 years in that position he moved across the street to become a music history teacher and vocal instructor at Olympic College. Robert’s main performance venue was as a tenor/countertenor in Male Ensemble Northwest, a unique professional ensemble of 11 voices comprised of leading choral directors in the northwest. Robert continues his keen interest in audio having constructed push-pull and single-ended amplifiers, line stages and phono-preamps, speaker systems, turntables, and tone arms.

Peter Breuninger

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Jul 20, 2010


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Dec 25, 2011
The tube lair in beautiful Rock Hill, SC
Have you considered streaming your edited meetings?

Here ya' go Peter. Fixed it for ya'. ;)

Two words, "serve sushi".......LOL. (inside joke/recommendation if Gary remembers) :D


Bruce B

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Apr 26, 2010
Snohomish, WA
Just got back from the meeting. Very enjoyable presentation. It was really too brief. I could have listened to Robert and Gary another 2 hr.

Was very informative about the structure of the music throughout the ages. I remember sitting through Music Lit. and History back in college. Damn it was boring. Makes me wish Robert and Gary had been teaching. At least I would have retained more of what they were teaching. A meeting well worth admission!

A big Thank-you!!


WBF Technical Expert (Speakers & Audio Equipment)
Sep 6, 2010
Seattle, WA
I agree - it was way too brief. Tired as I was, Robert and Gary still kept me from nodding off. It was a great session. Extremely informative, and I'm looking forward to exploring some of the early music that Robert talked about.

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