1966 Symphonic Stereo with Garrard 3000?


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Mar 31, 2023
When I was 13, I saved up my paper route money and bought a Symphonic Stereo with a Garrard turntable, no fm tuner. I bought it at Suffolk County AFB for $80 in 1966. It was a whopping 20 watts and had two speakers that dropped onto the top so it was portable. I threw it out and now I wished I had documented the model number. It had a dark wood case and you could switch between tuner and tape with rcas in the back. Somewhere I have a picture of it. I;ll bet it was a bit over 2 feet long. Any ideas? My friend got a similar one with 15 watts. Solid state. Had kind of a glossy black front with volume, bass treble, balance. It had a garrard 3000 I think

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