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    VPI HR-X Turntable, potentially with my Van den Hul XGW cartridge

    Hi Guys, I am giving serious thought to selling my VPI HR-X turntable. I like the sound of it over the sound of my Lumin, but I don't get to listen to many records these days. I figure if anyone is interested I am open to offers. What do you think I should sell this rig for? VPI HR-X...
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    For sale: Vpi super scoutmaster with sds speed control

    Here is a VPI Super Scoutmaster Turntable ($8,300.00 Retail). It comes with the SDS speed control unit and the JMW Memorial tonearm with internal Nordost wiring. There really are very few tables that come complete at anywhere near this price. This represents a GREAT price to performance...

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