1. Florian E.

    FLO's journey with the Micro Seiki RX-1500

    This story began on an autumn day in 2017, 6 years ago in Cologne Frechen. More precisely, in the realms of @shakti At that time, there were all the big Micro Seiki turntables from the RX-1500 to the big RX-8000 to marvel at...
  2. O

    Fixing a broken tonearm on a Marantz TT-6000

    Hey everyone, I own 2 marantz TT6000 one works great, some switches don’t work, other one, everything works! Great condition, EXCEPT, the straight style tonearm is broken where the counterweight is located. Would there be a suitable replacement, or an easy fix to this issue? I’ve read epoxy, but...
  3. V

    Vinyl Cutting Machinnes?

    Hello guys!, I am new on this forum. I am a vinyl lover as probably you are too and I want to start my own project cutting vinyl records by myself. So I woukd like to know if any of you could please give me some advive about the machines available on the internet and if you have some links that...
  4. K

    Rookie / Technics Turntable SL-BD20, Technics Receiver SA-EX310 help

    Helping a friend revive her father's Technics Turntable SL-BD20. We hooked it up to Technics Receiver SA-EX310 and Bose Model 141 Speakers. Plays for a few seconds and then receiver has "Overload" error message. What did we do wrong? I double checked that the speaker polarity was correct...
  5. Mextech

    Turntable with Ak47 build quality

    Found it amusing, with good production value.
  6. T

    Amperex ECC83 Bugle Boy Tubes 1956

    1 1
  7. lignumPeccatum

    What is the best vintage receiver for speakers Dynaco A-25 ?

    Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing great. This is my first thread and I would like to take advantage of your immense audio knowledge to ask you what you think the best vintage receiver is for a pair of Dynaco A-25. :confused: I have in mind the Marantz 2270 or the Sansui Eight. I am...

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