1. M

    wireless mic problem

    Hi guys i am new on here so forgive me if i am a bit slow starting lol please help with my problem below i have two camcorders and two wireless lav mic systems i am wanting to mic up bride and groom at a wedding but the problem is that the bride wont want a mic on her is there a way i can use...
  2. Mextech

    Sony MDR-1R are they still relevant?

  3. Mextech

    Probably The Best Sushi video I Ever Seen in My Life

  4. U

    Virtual tour of THE Show Newport 2016

    We tried something different this year. Posted a series of videos on YouTube, creating a virtual walk-through of the entire show. Virtual tour of THE Show Newport 2016 Any feedback is welcome, this is our first attempt at something like this :) Hope you enjoy! -Mike
  5. T

    Cnn reporter bashes obama !
  6. Mark (Basspig) Weiss

    Herbert von Karajan Memorial Concert Blu-ray: Dimensionless Recording but Nice Perfor

    Just watched the Herbert von Karajan Memorial Concert on Blu-ray. It's nice when you have 11 video cameras and a wraparound platform that is mere feet from the orchestra to shoot from. That is the good thing about this video. Now for my technical comments: The video looked like decent 720P...

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