top wing

  1. Believe High Fidelity

    Believe High Fidelity Travels to Utah for a One of a Kind Visit

    My Mother is one of the most caring and thoughtful people I know. She lost her mother (my grandmother) recently and yet has still been sacrificing her time for others to help and be there for them in spite of the suffering she is going through. I found a window of opportunity in my schedule to...
  2. Believe High Fidelity

    Top Wing Seiryu arrives at Believe High Fidelity

    We just announced our Distribution of Top wing in North America. For details about the technology and company you can click here This baby is a beast. At 12 grams without the headshell it is definitely your garden variety construction. It is made out of Ultra Duralumin vs the Super...
  3. Believe High Fidelity

    Top Wing Officially Launches in North America

    Top Wing, a Japanese manufacturer of Ultra High End Cartridges, officially launches in North America. Introducing a revolutionary new technology to the cartridge landscape, Coreless Straight-Flux, Top Wing aims to take cartridge design to levels not previously thought possible. As its name...