tellurium q

  1. waimac

    Any Advice on Tellurium Q Cables?

    Hi all, I am considering to upgrade (or change) my speaker cables and IC, just come across of the Tellurium Q - Silver Diamond Speakers Cables and the IC. I searched the internet and found they have earned many good reviews from professionals and media. I want to ask any "REAL" user of the...
  2. Colin Wonfor

    KISS and SECA

    The Brief History of my life with SECA designs The SECA amplifier designs have been in use for a long time from the early days of valves to the present day. With valves it was a simple matter of biasing the triode and having a transformer coupling to the loudspeaker. Even the first transistor...
  3. wonfor

    SECA PCB,s for the DIY music lovers.

    Hi, I have just put together a very easy build of my SECA amp design. Lots of details here:- Here is the PCB layout. And this is the basic circuit...

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