1. c1ferrari

    John "Jay" McKnight

    John "Jay" McKnight, a luminary in the field of magnetic recording theory and practice, passed away on November 5, 2022. I have an array of MRL Open-Reel Calibration Tapes. By all accounts, Jay was effusive in the articulation and dissemination of scientific knowledge which has benefited the...
  2. Funk

    Tape Recorder Service Restoration • Brooklyn NY

    New to the WTB Forums, Old to servicing & restoring tape machines...Since 1980 If you need help with any Tascam, Teac, Otari , Revox , Studer and Others we can help If you are new to the adventures in tape, or a long time devotee we have all the up to date information. Tape head /external...
  3. kodomo

    Entertape, any experience with this company?

    I was looking for some tapes and I came across this company "https://www.entertape.com/mastertapes/" Does anyone have any experience with this company, the titles they have are good. Are they actually coped from master tapes, any information on that?
  4. U47

    Tape Project Complete Set Years 1-3 and Quinton Complete set 15 IPS Open Reel Tapes

    Complete early serial number Year One to Present Tape Project. 58 reels total plus small alignment tape. Complete run of Quinton(AAA from Germany) 15 IPS tapes(Sabina Hank, etc.) 18 reels total. All in Mint Condition. Some are out of print. $10,900 plus shipping.
  5. Greg Beron / UHA

    2012 Rmaf after hours listening event

    Hear the Master Tape copy of the awesome rock opera "Tommy" by The Who in it's entirety. WHERE: The United Home Audio room, Atrium Tower room 550. WHEN: 9:30pm Friday October 12th. Tommy is the fourth album by English rock band The Who, released by Track Records and Polydor Records...
  6. Greg Beron / UHA

    United Home Audio sponsors Opus 3 Master Tape Event

    United Home Audio will sponsor an Open House Event for the new Opus 3 Master Tape copies on May 5 and May 12, noon till 4pm both days. Stop by any time we'll be playing the tapes all day. We will have two Master Tapes by Opus 3 Records. 1.) The Opus 3 Sampler Tape (see details below) 2.)...
  7. U47

    European Tape Decks- Pic of my system

    IT has been pretty dead here. Tape never sleeps at U47 headquarters. Shown in pic is a rare(in the US) ASC AS6002 two track deck. This machine is based on the Braun TG-1000. Discrete electronics and the great German Bogen Heads. IEC and NAB switchable at 7 1/2 and 15 ips. The other deck is my...

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