stylus lifespan

  1. tima

    Stylus Wear, Stylus Life

    A friend of mine recently posted an article on The Vinyl Press offering extensive coverage on the topic of stylus wear and stylus life. If you're intrested , its worth a look: The Finish Line for Your Phonograph Stylus… The bottom line: it may be shorter than you think, a lot shorter. If you...
  2. sombunya

    Stylus lifespan

    First post here. Looks like a great forum. I was wondering how many hours I can expect out of my phono stylus before it starts to wear, damage my vinyl etc.? I play new or very lightly used vinyl, mainly 33 rpm's. I'm using a Rega P3-24 with an Elys 2 and I think it's tracking at 1.7 grams...

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