1. Ron Resnick

    Single Head Repro Only Solution for External Tape Repro Preamp

    Fred, accepting our somewhat conflicting and somewhat non-technical audiophile objectives, please help us figure out an optimal external tape repro solution for us and, maybe, a new ATAE product for you. 1) We want to be able to use an external repro preamplifier of our choosing. 2) We...
  2. Ron Resnick

    Studer Heads Versus Flux Magnetics ER Heads

    Has anyone compared directly, side-by-side, the sound from two Studer A820s or A80s, one with stock Studer heads and the other with Flux Magnetics ER heads?
  3. J

    For Sale - Studer A80 RC MK II 1/2" 2 Track Reference Tape Machine - The Best!

    The Studer A80 RC MK II is a real professional tape machine that has likely recorded your favorite artists and albums. Unlike smaller consumer units, these workhorses were built to record and playback at the highest level. None of the smaller consumer units can come close, no matter the price...
  4. Ron Resnick

    Adolph Thal Audio Engineering (ATAE)

    Fred -- please tell us about ATAE's current product offerings . . .
  5. K

    Studer A-810 End of Tape Problem

    I'm having a problem with a Studer A-810. At the end of the tape the reel motors don't stop and continue to spin. It will only stop after pressing the STOP button. I've looked at and seen the EOT switches function, so I know it has to be something else. I did notice the left supply reel...
  6. F

    Studer a807 won't play

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and the world of reel to reel recorders (although I have always wanted to buy one before but could not afford one) and I need your help. I just purchased a Studer a807 that I was assured it was aligned and fully tested. This is my problem: with the tape...

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