1. J

    Klipsch R-15m vs Klipsch Rp-150m

    Hey everyone! I’m currently putting together my first home audio system for my living room. I’m torn between purchasing the Klipsch r-15m and the Klipsch rp-150m. I have a sub already but it’s not a great one, which I plan on upgrading eventually. I sit about 6-7 feet away from my tv and I’ll be...
  2. J

    JBL 4345 Studio Monitors

    JBL 4345 Studio Monitors $5600 usd I'm offering my vintage loudspeakers, complete original including its drivers and crossovers. The cabinets, grilles, networks, selector switches, attenuators, screws, clamps, badges, dowels, acoustic lenses, cones, dust caps, voice coils, spiders, surrounds...
  3. Avantgarde aucostic GmbH DUO horn speakers

    Avantgarde aucostic GmbH DUO horn speakers

    Type: Three-way full frequency loudspeaker with horn-loaded tweeter and midrange. Self-powered dynamic driver bass. Frequency Response Horn section 170 Hz to 20 kHz Pro 225 sub-woofer 22 to 200 Hz Power Handling:150 watts Sensitivity: >103dB/W/m Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm Recommended Power: >5...
  4. B

    Wanted: suggestions for SOTA 93db+ efficient speakers & less than $50k

    Hello, I need your help. I am looking for new speakers and quite honestly, I am wide open to suggestions. Please allow me to share my current system and room specs: Gates CB-500 turntable (rebuilt) EMT JPA-66 pre-amp Experience Music GM70 SET monoblocks (20W / channel class A) Quad ESL-63...
  5. Z

    New to Hi-Fi, Need Listening Suggestions

    Hello All!!! I am new to the hi-fi world! I actually have a very unique path. I came to this forum as someone that was aware of the forum as a builder for a company that goes by something that is close to *on ******rt. Specfically the 2013-2015 vintage. ANYHOW....I come to this forum because I...
  6. R

    Hissing or "White noise" problem

    Hi everyone, first i would like to apologize if my english is not very good since i'm french. Here is my components : Audio card : Behringer U-phoria UMC22 (I also have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4) Monitoring headphones : Beyerdynamic DT 1770 pro Speakers : Behringer MS40 So here's my problem...
  7. T

    Replaced blown woofer in an A/D/S L620 gen 2. It's not a robust as the other!

    Bought a pair a of metal grilled A/D/S L620's know one cab had a blown woofer. I had ohmed out the good one to satisfaction, and bad one indeed was dead, maybe blown voice coil, etc. Bought the exact same part number woofer from ebay, and upon firing up my NAD amp noticed the right speaker...
  8. L

    Amplifier and speakers

    I have an amplifier Pioneer SA-8800 II Specs: Continuous power output is 80 watts* per channel, min. at 8 ohms from 10 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz with no more than 0.005% total harmonic distortion, or 80 watts* per channel at 4 ohms from 10 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz with no more than 0.005% total...
  9. Believe High Fidelity

    Voxativ Ampeggio Dues 70% Off retail. Priced to move

    For Sale is a pair of Exquisite Voxativ Ampeggio Dues in Black Acrylic Glass. Serial # AD-10062/AD-10063. Comes with everything shown. No shipping local pickup only. Buyer can opt for a service like Creighters & Freighters to ship at their expense. Owner overtightened one speaker and created...
  10. P

    Looking for inexpensive amp/speakers to accommodate older audio equipment

    Hello! I am looking for the best quality -- at the cheapest price -- amp & speakers (I really only need 2, as there's no need for an elaborate setup) for my home office that will accommodate two pieces of older audio equipment. Specifically, a 1982 JVC KD-D30 cassette deck (and yeah, it's...
  11. bmichels

    Best Audiophile IN WALL (or AGAINST THE WALL) speakers

    I have a room that is too short to place the speakers away from the wall. So I wonder if it is possible to get a very goos sound with the Speakers against the wall, or even more appropriate for my room, with some In-Wall speakers ? what are the best audiophile (in any exists) IN-WALLS...
  12. R

    Von Schweikert Audio VR4 jr with original Crates and Hardware

    After many years of enjoyment, I’ve made the difficult decision to relinquish ownership of my precious VR-4 JRs as I upgrade to another pair of Von Schweikert speakers. As you can see, this pair is finished in an attractive Light Maple veneer. I have all the original hardware (spikes...
  13. J

    After a PMC Twenty26 what's next?

    I've enjoyed my PMC Twenty26 very much. Clear transparent with great soundstage. I recently installed a significantly more powerful amplifier. An Emotiva XPR2 SE. At 600W per channel it's outside the operating conditions for the Twenty26. It's simply too hot- too much power too much upper...
  14. P

    Klipsch Quartet set?

    I snagged a set of Klipsch speakers at the pawn shop for $25 but I dont know what model it is bc they have no model or serial number tags. I looked at amazon pics of older Quartet sets but didnt spot them. They were sold as 4 identical satellites and a center, no sub. Does anyone recognize these?
  15. D

    High End speakers Evolution - full range, back horn

    link High End speakers Evolution are designed for truthful stereo 2.0 listening. The Evolution speakers are characterized by full details, excellent localization and spaciousness of musical instruments. Evolution speakers contain only one speaker driver with very high sensitivity and unique...
  16. S

    blown speakers in home theatre system

    I moved to Hong Kong, and brought my home theatre system with me. The system is a Denon AVR X3000 surround sound amp, and Kef speakers for all but the two floor standing main speakers. Those were a pair of Polk Audio RT16s from my prior music system, that are probably as old as many of this...
  17. M

    Avantgarde Zero 1 Pro speaker for sale

    Ask price: USD10000 Speakers in perfect condition. Currently in Hong Kong. Can be 115v OR 230v. Original packing, including boxes (in perfect condition), manual, remote, and the installation set. Shipping worldwide, will discuss on how much it may cost etc. Please leave your email...
  18. A

    FS: JBL 4345 Studio Monitors

    I'm offering JBL 4345 Studio Monitors at 3020$ The 4345 can be driven by a full range input, or it may be biamplified, depending on the setting of a rear panel switch. In either mode, the monitor delivers the high volume levels, wide dynamic range and low distortion necessary for precise...
  19. lignumPeccatum

    What is the best vintage receiver for speakers Dynaco A-25 ?

    Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing great. This is my first thread and I would like to take advantage of your immense audio knowledge to ask you what you think the best vintage receiver is for a pair of Dynaco A-25. :confused: I have in mind the Marantz 2270 or the Sansui Eight. I am...
  20. Y

    new speakers suggestions

    Hello everyone, Let me start off saying I'm a complete noob when it comes to hi-def audio.. which is what brings me to my next question :) I'm looking for some new speakers for an office - preferably something that will go nicely with my desktop (nothing too big and not too many speakers all...
  21. gammajo

    Von Scweikert VR55 Aktive - Speaker Review

    Review of Von Schweikert VR 55 Aktive: VR55 Aktive Specifications from Manufacturer VSA: vonschweikertaudio.com site. "Featuring ceramic honeycomb woofers and midrange drivers along with a damped Beryllium dome tweeter, mounted in cabinet of 75mm thickness of resin/wood powder, artificial...
  22. A

    Magico M Pro's New in Crates

    What may be the only pair left in USA, available for $129k from Authorized Dealer with Warranty. Contact Audio Revelation 760.434.2625 9-6pm, PST
  23. Cody@TARA

    MartinLogan Montis

    Hello all! My name's Cody; just a disclaimer: I am an employee of TARA Labs. I'm not here to promote TARA Labs products, I was just hoping to have some worthwhile discussions with other audiophiles. Our listening room has recently been graced by the presence of a pair of MartinLogan Montis...
  24. merrillaudio

    Dual Ohm F Speakers

    I had the pleasure of listening to a few speakers last week. Tannoy 15" GRF Memory - 15" cones redone by Tannoy - Ortofon Quintet Black Carver Amazing Speakers - Lyra Atlas Dual Ohm F Speakers with the original cones - Lyra Atlas All speakers were in excellent condition. Only Vinyl was...
  25. P

    Advice for a noob at turntables.

    I am just kinda getting into the turntable idea. I recently got a sony ps-lx300 which I am guessing is an okay beginner turntable. So essentially should I get a phono preamp and ignore the one built in as garbage quality? What kinda amp should I be looking at? speakers and so forth to...
  26. V

    Surreal Sound Fifth Row with Tweeter upgrade

    Some will laugh at the price, some will cry, but that isn't the main focus of What's Best, is it? I have owned these speakers now for 15 months in part as a guinea pig and in part as an owner. My listening room is something of a listening lab for Ralph Hellmer and the Surreal Sound Company...
  27. C

    Greetings from Ciamara - Manhattan, NY

    Greetings! Reading through the posts here, this looks like a wonderful forum. We are an ultra-high end audio engineering company focused on designing and specifying audio systems for audiophiles and high-end professional recording and mastering studios. We design cutting edge loudspeakers...

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