speaker cables

  1. iceageaudio

    Ice Age Audio Cables

    Hello, this is Rick with Ice Age Audio. This site was recommenced to me by one of our clients. This is not an introduction, but an invitation to take a look at our products. We have been operating for 9 years and our reputation continues to grow. Our goal has been to prove to the industry...
  2. Y

    speaker cable recommendations for Joseph audio speakers

    I have a pair of Joseph Audio Perspectives2 floor standing speakers. I have yet to pick a pair of 8ft speaker cables for it. My budget is around 2k usd, 3k usd max for an used pair. My amp is wells audio innamorata signature. The rest of my set up can be found in my signature. I cannot use...
  3. H

    Choosing between Siltech G5 Siltech LS 188 Classic MK2 SSP003 OR G7 Classic Anniversary Speaker Cable

    Hello Everyone, I'am currently looking to upgrade my Speaker cables. My system consists of a Monitor Audio Pl300 with a Bryston 4BSST2 Power Amp + Pre Amp and Power Supply connected to a Naim Dac and Leema Antilla 2S Eco. I have the option of buying a second-hand G5 LS188 Siltech or a new G7...
  4. GerardJ

    Different lengths speaker cables

    I would like to use 2 sets of speaker cables for my TAD-E1 to drive them biwired. I am using now one set of 12 ft long. To cut costs I would like to buy a used second set SC. Because 12 ft is not often offered second hand I wonder if using a set of 8ft or 10ft SC on one side and my 12 ft SC on...
  5. Ron Resnick

    Basis Audio cables

    Does anyone have any experience with Basis Audio speaker cables or interconnects?
  6. gammajo

    Masterbuilt Signature Cables

    Master Built Signature Cables Review You may not believe what I am about to tell you, because I barely do and I am listening first-hand. I was willing to accept that wire (above high quality but non-stratospheric) made a small difference in mega systems, but that it was probably not as...

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