1. J

    The Definitive Solution...

    Of course, there's no such thing. Indeed from a philosophical perspective, drive for perfection is along with actualisation the top of the motivation hierarchy and keeps us growing, driving us forward in technology skills and aspiration. And yet here is a commanding review from recent times...
  2. C

    Rmaf 2016

    What are you guys wanting to see at this year's RMAF?
  3. Emre Üçöz

    Soulution owners - which speakers are you using?

    I been usign Sonus Faber Stradivari for about 6 years now and and about a year ago I have changed my Boulder 1012 per/dac and MBL 9008A monos to Soulution 721 and Soulution 710 configuration. Now I am thinking on changing my speaker. Any good matches with Soulution gear? except the ones that we...

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