1. Mextech

    Sony Wh-1000X Mark 3 - Best ANC (Wife Approved)

    This time it's not about sound quality but more about active sound cancellation. What are your thoughts about this video?
  2. P

    Looking for inexpensive amp/speakers to accommodate older audio equipment

    Hello! I am looking for the best quality -- at the cheapest price -- amp & speakers (I really only need 2, as there's no need for an elaborate setup) for my home office that will accommodate two pieces of older audio equipment. Specifically, a 1982 JVC KD-D30 cassette deck (and yeah, it's...
  3. K

    Headphone Survey

    Hey guys, We are students from the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. As part of our consulting project we are conducting a short consumer survey on headphones (should take around 7 mins to complete) It would be great if we could get feedback from you guys, especially those of...

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