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    Which alpha PC to buy for Aurender N100H?

    My previous post was "Which Sigmas to buy for my Audio Research gear" and received great advice from the forum. In the end I went with 2x Sigma Analog to power my ARC REF DAC and Reference 75. One word: superb. I now bought an Aurender N100H and am in doubt which PC of the Shunyata Alpha...
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    Which sigmas to buy for my Audio Research gear?

    My main system consists of an Audio Research Reference DAC and Reference 75. The source is a dedicated music server. I am considering the Sigma PCs. The Reference DAC is a line stage and DAC combined. Do I go for Analog or Digital? The Reference 75 is beautiful but quite modest in its...
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    first post - Shunyata PC question

    I would appreciate some guidance with the following. I have an Audio Research Reference DAC playing to a Reference 75 amp, paired with Avalon Ascendants. I am planning to upgrade the power cables. What I am trying to compare is the alpha series with higher end pythons or anacondas. (1)...

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