1. C

    CDSD+ dac6e

    Sellin these at a really nice price. See appropriate forum here for more details. Right until I bought my XDS1 these shone the brightest and bested the CDSDSE + DCC2 by a loooong way!
  2. C

    FS EMM LABS CDSE SE + DAC6E. Great sounding transport/ dac combo

    THE PRICE IS THE LOWEST YOU WILL SEE Just £6300.00 + courier if youre looking you already know how good the digital combination is but here's some guff any way The CDSD Signature Edition transport is, quite clearly, a breakthrough product. After all, it’s the product of Ed Meitner’s...
  3. jfrech

    Esoteric Blue Note SACD's

    I couldn't decide where to post this, in the music forum or in the digital audio forum. I choose digital audio, if the moderators want to move it, I understand. I am a HUGE SACD fan. But also think my vinyl is damn good too. Anyone try this Esoteric Blue Note SACD box set? I have all the...

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