1. M

    Block CVR-10, at first glance a great device (german producer)

    I have owned this unit for 3 years. Always had problems right from the start. The set-up only worked when I changed the password on the router, as it was not possible to enter it on the receiver. Again and again there were interruptions in the connection, although I watch TV via the same router...
  2. O

    New Integrated Amp/ Pre Amp

    Hi! I just got the Klipsch RP-500m speakers with a glimpse of hope that my problem with my receiver (TEAC ag-620) will be solved (I've connected my last pair of speakers through the headphones jack and a lot of times it makes a weird noise and then it stops playing on the left or right...
  3. P

    Denon v Denon

    Denon AVR-4800 is what I have driving my current setup. I just bought an AVR-1909 for $50 and Ill have to get rid of one of them...they go for about the same on ebay. The 1909 has HDMI ports but less power per channel. Does anyone have experience with both or an opinion on the model quality of...
  4. A

    I Need Help Understanding

    Hello, So I recently purchased some audio equipment, and am relatively satisfied with the results I have gotten out of them, but I am still looking for a bit more. Where my confusion begins, is I purchased a 4000 watt amplifier to power my 1600 watt 8 ohm speaker, and the amp offer 700 watt...
  5. lignumPeccatum

    What is the best vintage receiver for speakers Dynaco A-25 ?

    Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing great. This is my first thread and I would like to take advantage of your immense audio knowledge to ask you what you think the best vintage receiver is for a pair of Dynaco A-25. :confused: I have in mind the Marantz 2270 or the Sansui Eight. I am...
  6. S

    Pairing receiver to tube amp

    Hi everyone. Being new to the world of vacuum tube stereos, I have some questions regarding my Dared VP-16 amp. Currently it is attached to two Paradigm Atom speakers. I also have it connected to my computer through Bluetooth via a DAC, but am wondering about how to connect radio. Are there...
  7. dalethorn

    Audioengine B1 Personal Bluetooth Receiver for Headphones and Speakers

    Youtube review: Photos: Sources: MacbookPro Retina with Portaphile Micro/PA2V2/Decware Zen Head...

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