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    FS: Verastarr Grand Illusion 5ft Power Cable ($750)

    I have two Verastarr Grand Illusion PCs for sale. Selling this Verastarr Grand Illusion power cord because I use an integrated amplifier and don't need the extra cables. I will sell the pair for $1350. These have been very favorably reviewed: https://6moons.com/audioreviews2/verastarr/4.html...
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    Magnepan Bass Problems?

    I had the MG12's years ago. I loved the sound however I had issues with the speakers "bottoming out" at high volume levels or even at moderate volume levels depending on the recording. When a bass note would hit there would be a "slapping" sound that would distort the entire panel and rip...
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    AMAZING- Power plant Dam over run water 80000 litres second...

    Today I visit local power plant dam where they over run water because it have too much because all snow is melting same time... Quite impressive view... :cool::cool::cool:

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