1. tima

    REVIEW - Lamm LP2.1 Phono Preamplifier

    Here is my somewhat lengthy review of the Lamm LP2.1 Deluxe phonostage at Positive Feedback. Published today, this was written Dec 2019 - March 2020. Comments welcome.
  2. AMR / iFi audio

    iFi audio iPhono3 Black Label - The Official Thread

    The iPhono3 Black Label is launching on the 22nd May. Watch this space for more details coming soon.
  3. J

    Preamp with MM/MC phonostage built in - Options

    I’m looking for alternatives to my Burmester 897 Preamp with MC phonostage installed. It’s given me so much headache and total cost including frequent transport now stands at >$4800. So I’d like to ask what options are there under $5K that serve as an integrated preamp with flexible phonostage...
  4. Cableman

    FS: the only pre owned YPSILON VPS100 PHONOSTAGE + 2 x SUTs presently available ANYWHERE

    THE BEST OF THE BEST Near mint condition. Fully boxed ( flight case) PRICED FOR QUICK SALE £14000.00 + courier cost. These very very very rarely come up for sale pre-owned, but heres one now, in near mint condition. Its the best of the best. 220-240v. This can be changed to 110v by...
  5. Believe High Fidelity

    The Limited Edition Phonostage from Aries Cerat debuts in Munich High End 2017 - The Talos

    Ladies and.... Oh who am I kidding.... Gentleman and Gentleman!! May I introduce the Talos from Aries Cerat debuting at the Munich High End Show 2017. In Greek mythology, Talos (or Talon) was a giant automaton made of bronze to protect Europa in Crete from pirates and invaders. I find...
  6. J

    FOR SALE: Manley Labs Steelhead v2 Reference Phono

    <BR><BR> This is a one owner Manley Steelhead v2 (Retail $8,000.00) that I am offering for sale in great condition and with superior performance for only 5250! This beautiful phono preamplifier has the ability to make adjustments to load and capacity (on the fly) and is suitable for any...
  7. J

    Monk-audio phono preamplifier with red wine audio battery power supply - excellent!

    This is the well reviewed Monk-Audio Phono Preamplifier ($3500 Retail) with Red Wine Audio Black Lightning High-Current Battery Power Supply ($1200 Retail). It is in excellent condition and dead quiet. It has great "on the fly" adjustability and most experts call it a giant killer. I am offering...
  8. J

    FOR SALE: Manley Labs Chinook Phonostage - Less than 35 hous use! Only $1500

    This lightly used Manley Labs Chinook ($2,250.00 Retail) is in excellent condition with about 35 hours of use. It has the original shipping carton and packing materials. ---WEBSITE INFO --- Angling for an affordable yet world-class vacuum tube phono stage? The hunt is over! The spawn of...
  9. V

    LKV Phono Stage, preliminary thoughts

    LKV is a new company working to break into the audio market. The builder/designer (Bill Hutchins), however has been around a long time building for himself for the love of the music and for his daughters who love vinyl and can't always afford the hottest, most expensive item out there. Bill and...

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